Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take CraftHoot to fulfill my order? CraftHoot carries over 1000 products and we work with several manufacturers. Therefore, not all of our products are in one warehouse. CraftHoot will ship out your order within 5 business days and transit time, which is additional, takes 2-5 days.

2. I have a question and would like to talk with someone - who do I call? CraftHoot has several means by which you can reach us. You can call our toll-free number, listed at the top of the site, you can use the Live Chat link or you can email us. Whichever method you select, we strive to be responsive and ensure your question or issue is resolved quickly.

3. Is CraftHoot going to add additional products this year? CraftHoot currently works with some of the largest manufacturers in the craft industry. Our current product line is constantly changing and we are always looking to add products to our site. If you have suggestions or want to see us carry something not currently listed on our site, let us know!

4. I found something on your site but it says “SOLD OUT”? If the product that is listed as “Sold Out” is still being manufactured, CraftHoot will be getting it back in stock soon. If it’s not being manufactured anymore, CraftHoot will be taking the product down from the site once we receive confirmation it’s no longer being made. The best thing to do if you have question about availability is to call us.

5. Can I see a sample? We do not offer the ability to see samples. However, we do have a return policy that you can read about here: RETURN POLICY

6. Does ship to CANADA? No, I'm afraid CraftHoot does not ship to Canada.

7. I received only part of my order today? CraftHoot ships its products from a few different warehouses around the country so it’s possible your order, if it included multiple pieces, will be arriving from multiple locations. This does not cost you more in shipping, but will result in multiple packages.

8. If you have an additional question or concerns, please don't hesitate to call our toll-free number or open a chat. We are here to help! Thanks for visiting!