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  • 7 Creatively Delectable Christmas Stocking Cookie Recipes & Ideas

    Unsurprisingly, here at MerryStockings the Christmas stocking is our favorite holiday tradition. But Christmas cookies are a close second. In this piece, stockings and cookies come together to provide you with some holiday baking goals and inspiration.

    7 Creative, Must-Try Christmas Stocking Cookie Recipes

    Here at MerryStockings, it’s likely no surprise that our favorite Christmas tradition is none other than the Christmas stocking. For us, Christmas stockings represent childhood joy, excitement, and anticipation of reward for so many weeks of good behavior.

    But while we’ve been busy being nice all year, when the holiday season arrives, it’s OK to be a little naughty. Of course, we’re talking about indulging in some tasty, tantalizing treats: Christmas cookies.

    And in the spirit of adding a little sugar, spice, and everything (naughty and) nice to our Christmas stocking passion, below we bring you several creative and delicious Christmas stocking cookie recipes and ideas—plus a twist on a classic no-bake treat. Because what’s the key to a balanced diet at Christmastime? A delicious Christmas cookie in each hand. 🍪🎅🎄


    1. Stocking Placeholder Cookies

    Christmas Stocking Cookie PlaceholdersAre you hosting Christmas dinner? Then this incredibly clever Christmas cookie recipe is just for you.

    Thanks to The Bearfoot Baker’s Stocking Place Card Cookies idea, you can provide your guests with a delicious treat, easily direct them where to sit, and add to the Christmas ambiance of your home.

    The recipe is pretty simple. Simply use your favorite sugar cookie recipe for the dough, and purchase a stocking cookie cutter to shape the cookie. From there, decorate as you see fit, using a food-safe pen to personalize.

    To make the hook, Lisa—The Bearfoot Baker—points you to another cookie crafting blog, SemiSweet. (Spoiler: This place card cookie idea can extend beyond the holiday season.)

    Photo Credit: The Bearfoot Baker

    2. Lump of Coal Cookies

    Christmas Lump of Coal CookiesThese Lump of Coal Cookies recipe idea from Evermine’s Party Inspiration blog is perfect for those who want an easy way to create a fun, sweet Christmas gift.

    We love this recipe for its ties to the Christmas stocking tradition.

    But we also want to devour this recipe because of the ingredients: Oreos, marshmallows, and butter.


    Photo Credit: Evermine

    3. Gingerbread Christmas Stocking Cookies

    Gingerbread Stocking CookiesAs St. Paul, MN-based Land O’Lakes puts it, this “mild-flavored” Gingerbread Christmas Stocking Cookies recipe will please people of all ages and is a “perfect choice for a family holiday afternoon of cookie decorating.”

    Land O’Lakes provides a recipe for both the gingerbread cookies and the homemade frosting to top them.

    What makes this recipe different from others we’ve seen is that it calls for freshly grated orange or lemon zest.

    Now, how delicious does that sound?

    Photo Credit: Land O’Lakes

    4. Elfish Christmas Stocking Cookies

    Elfish Christmas Stocking CookiesIf you’re looking for an ambitious cookie decorating project, look no further than this ultra-fancy Christmas stocking cookie idea from the LilaLoa blog.

    While the author originally made her own “cookie cutter” to craft these beauties, it’s now available through WhiskedAwayCutters on Etsy. Now, it’s just the frosting that requires attention and effort.

    But this post walks you through it, including the details on how to craft the signature pink color.

    Photo Credit: LilaLoa

    5. Rice Krispie Treat Stockings

    Rice Krispie Treat Christmas StockingsWhether you’re looking to include your young children in the holiday baking festivities or you can’t resist Rice Krispie Treats, this recipe idea is for you.

    The blog Kid Friendly Things to Do shows you how to create easy Rice Krispie Treats Stockings, walking you through the process step-by-step.

    The “Treats” recipe ice the same save for the addition of green dye gel.

    But one special tip to note from the blog’s author, Melissa:

    “The marshmallow and the fruit roll up tends to harden at a remarkable pace,” she says. “Be sure to cover these fun treats in an airtight container for storage. You can probably get away with making these up to a few days in advance.”

    6. Meringue Christmas Stocking Cookies

    Meringue Christmas Stocking CookiesThese Meringue Christmas Stocking Cookies from Carol at Always the Holidays blog are one of the most unique Christmas cookie ideas that we’ve come across.

    According to the author, this recipe is a sure-fire hit.

    “The meringue cookies are brimming with the flavors of cream cheese and cranberries and are so pretty and festive,” she says.

    The entire list of ingredients, and step-by-step instructions are laid out in an easy-to-follow format here.

    Photo Credit: Always the Holidays

    7. Holiday Stocking Surprise Cookies

    Christmas Stocking Surprise CookiesRemember earlier when we mentioned that it was OK to be a little naughty at Christmastime? Well, with these Holiday Stocking Surprise Cookies from Life With 4 Boys, you can feel a little bit better about your indulgences.

    In this recipe, the blog’s author swapped traditional sugar for Splenda.

    “The result?” the author asks rhetorically. “The same delicious cookies I love with a little less guilt.”

    The best part? The stockings are stuffed with a variety of traditional cookie additions including chocolate chips, walnuts, and bits of cherries.

    Also, after the prep is done, the baking time is just 10 minutes per sheet.

    Photo Credit: Life With 4 Boys

    Ready. Set. Bake.

    Next to Christmas stockings, Christmas cookies are our favorite holiday tradition. We hope this compilation of tasty ideas provides you with some holiday baking goals and inspiration. Happy Baking!

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