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  • ‘Over-Stocking’ Sale: How to Get a Deal on Christmas Stockings

    How to Get a Deal on Christmas Stockings

    At, every day is Christmas. We’re not ashamed to say that we eat, live, and breathe Christmas and all its wonder. As a result, for more than a decade we’ve been a year-round provider of quality, beautiful, personalized Christmas stockings that can ship quickly and become a treasured heirloom.

    But let’s be honest. We love a good deal—and we’re sure you do, too. All of our Christmas stockings are affordably priced, but here’s a little secret: There’s always opportunities to get an even better deal.

    So, whether you need a last-minute stocking, you’re looking for a special birthday gift, or you’re celebrating Christmas in July, below we share a couple secrets on how to find Christmas stockings on sale and get the best deal on our stockings.

    Peruse Our “Overstock Sale” Section

    From knit classics to traditional velvet, we strive to offer a robust collection of Christmas stockings fit for every taste. And we’re getting new items in all the time—and that means we always have special overstock deals year-round.

    So, anytime you’re looking for a deal on Christmas stockings, check out the Overstock Sale section of our website, which can be found as an option under “Stockings” in the toolbar.

    Check Out Our “Discount Codes” Page

    In addition to our Overstock Sale section, we often have other discounts and promotional savings to take advantage of throughout the year. From free shipping to percentage discounts, the MerryStockings Discount Codes page is always updated with the latest promo codes you can take advantage of.

    Here’s an example of the special discount on Christmas stockings our customers found in July.

    Merry Stockings Coupon Codes

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    How can you sign up? It’s easy. Go to our homepage and scroll down until you see “Sign Up For The Latest MerryStockings News” callout. From there, all you need to do is enter your email.

    After you enter your email, you’ll see this note to let you know it was a success.

    Find the Perfect Christmas Stocking at the Perfect Price

    Christmas is often called the season of giving, something we take to heart. So, to get quality Christmas stockings on sale, keep checking back in with us so we can give you the best deal possible.

  • Get Your Christmas Stockings Now!

    Anyone who has ever made a stocking from a Bucilla kit knows that it is never too early to start! Merry Stockings knows this, of course, and has decided to put a few of the top 2013 stockings on sale. And, this is a SALE. Nearly 50% off kind of sale. You don't wanna miss this.

    There are a total of three stockings for you to snap up:

    sale stockingsPrincess Bucilla Christmas Stocking ~ What young girl doesn't like to think of herself as a princess?!  Nevermind that she has daddy wrapped around her little finger, she will love this hand crafted beauty handing off the mantle at the castle.

    Santa-and-His-List-Bucilla-Felt-Stocking-KitSanta and His List Christmas Stocking ~ Once the list is made and it's been checked twice, all the kids know what happens next....Santa Claus is coming to town! Boy or girl loves to imagine Santa looking at their list, so imagine their delight to see their name atop this cute reminder!

    Snowman-and-Polar-Bears-Bucilla-Felt-StockingSnowman and Polar Bears Christmas Stocking ~ Playful polar bears in the snow make this stocking a favorite for any boy or girl who just can't get enough of the snow! The imagination of a child is vivid and they will be naming those bears before you know it!

    All three of these stocking kits will help you create an 18" felt applique, custom stocking for your special loved one! The kits come complete with beads, felt, embroidery floss, sequins, needle, and of course the easy to follow instructions.  They make great gifts and will become beloved heirlooms!

    All stockings ship within 24 hours of your order, and as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed at Merry Stockings. You haveabsolutely nothing to lose. So, hop over to the website and see which one fits your little one the best.

    Merry stocking making!



  • Christmas Tree Skirts

    cherry on a spoon snowWinter has definitely arrived here in Minneapolis! I won't even tell you the temperature because it's just so ridiculous (okay, you twisted my arm, it's a whole 1* right now!). But, we do have snow, a nice blanket of it, covering up the brown of winter. Have to say, if you can be tucked inside with a cup of hot cocoa, the snow on the ground is so darn pretty.

    Christmas tree skirts in my house growing up were nothing more than a white sheet bunched up and gathered so as to look like drifting snow under the tree.  My mom was pretty creative that way. But, I happen to know that if she had seen the Christmas Tree skirts that are out today, she would have had one of them on display in a NY minute!

    Ivory-Tree-Skirt-2This white ivory quilted tree skirt is so gorgeous. It is reminiscent of days gone by with the quilted feature, but the solid ivory white color with simple embroidered personalization speaks to a more modern time of clean lines, uncluttered and elegant. The back of the skirt closes with fabric covered buttons and looks so classy. Love! You can find this skirt on the Merry Stockings website, and it's not too late for this year!

    If you are in the market for new stockings, how about matching ones?! Check them out here ~ and they come in white, red or green!


    Photo courtesy



  • Announcing: A Wise Addition to the Cabin Series Christmas Stockings

    owl additionThis week Merry Stockings introduces a brand new addition to the Cabin Series Christmas Stocking line! The wise Christmas Owl on Skates will join the Moose, the Penguin, the Reindeer and the Bear, the foursome that we introduced to you a couple of years ago. Can you think of a person that either loves owls or, maybe even, reminds you of one? You know, wise, seasoned, quiet?

    cabin seriesAll of the stockings in this sweet set are made from a brown quilted cotton material, and feature a corduroy cuff and toe. So cute! Mr. Owl on Skates is hand-sewn onto the stocking, and of course you can personalize it too. The finished product measures 21" from top to bottom, and the new kid on the block also brings a new low price to the entire series for a limited time: $19.99 each which is 43% off regular price!

    Our turn around for this new item is 3-4 business days, and of course comes with our satisfaction guarantee.

    So, what might you be waiting for? Order here today!


  • What Do You Give to Santa?

    Here in the United States and Canada, a plate of cookies with a glass of milk is the usual snack left out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Just in case you don't have all your cookies baked (or bought!), how about one of these cute reindeer options? A friend of mine made the peanut butter cookie version, and they are just as cute as the picture shows. The second option would be quicker if you're pressed for time, or if you want a kid-friendly project.

    Blogger MamaLisa describes a few other global traditions for Santa's treats. In England it's a piece of minced pie with a glass of sherry. And no big surprise, but in Ireland, the big guy might get a pint of Guinness!

    You could modify that Irish tradition with these "reinbeers". They would make a cute gift for anyone but please use the root beer version for Santa. He'll be driving the sleigh all night, after all!

    When I was growing up, we usually left out a few carrots for the reindeer. Kelle Hampton shares a tradition of making a special mix of oats, bread crumbs and other ingredients to sprinkle on the driveway for the reindeer to enjoy while Santa is inside (definitely check out the entire post for her magical kids' Christmas party!).

    It's always fun to leave a little note for Santa - try a chalkboard version this year. I remember loving the return note that we would receive, thanking us for the cookies. It was even better when I was old enough to recognize my dad's handwriting, but could keep the secret for my youngest siblings.

    And no matter what you're giving to the big guy, make sure you've got the stockings ready for him to fill! Wednesday, December 19 is the 2012 ordering deadline to receive your personalized stockings from Merry Stockings in time for Christmas Eve.

  • Personalized Christmas Stockings

    All the buzz is certainly about Black Friday shopping right now, but I prefer to spend the day after Thanksgiving at home. Not shopping online, but decorating for Christmas! I add a little peppermint flavoring to my coffee, put on some holiday music and get to work. If I'm alone in the house, I can get most of it done in a day, but this year the boys were around to "help", so it's still in-progress. :)

    One of the jobs still left is wrapping pine garland and lights around the banister, so our stockings can be hung on top. Since we don't have a fireplace mantle, I just tie the stockings onto the railing with ribbon. Having names on each stocking is such a fun way to make each person feel special, even before it's brimming with gifts on Christmas morning.

    Merry Stockings offers a wide range of personalized stockings to suit your personal style and decor. For the traditionalist, there are classic velvet stockings. If you prefer a more modern look, consider the cable-knit or quilted cotton stockings.

    For something truly unique, there are heirloom-quality wool stockings. They are available in designs such as snowflakes, stripes, and a variety of other Christmas icons too. These custom stockings are completely sourced and made in the USA.

    And if you're one of the lucky ones with a mantle, don't forget the stocking hangers!

    Question of the Day: If you're a parent, does your personalized stocking display your name or Mom/Dad?


  • Burlap Christmas Decorations

    You've probably noticed that burlap is hot in home decor. Perhaps because it can complement so many decorating styles, this simple fabric is showing up everywhere from do-it-yourself projects to chic home stores. Christmas decorating is certainly no exception. A quick perusal of Pinterest turned up a treasure trove of burlap items.

    One of the simplest ways to add burlap to your home is on the dining table. A simple length of fabric can serve as a runner to anchor your centerpiece and serving platters. Or take it to the next level by weaving together 2 colors of burlap, as shown by the gals at Six Sisters Stuff. Yes, that's right, you can buy colored burlap - just imagine the additional possibilities! :)

    Michelle at Sweet Something Designs layered burlap placemats over red plaid for a nice textural contrast. As she demonstrates with her outdoor tablescape, this look could easily be tweaked to work for any season or holiday.

    If you're interested in a little splash of burlap in the living room, a throw pillow is perfect. Etsy, the source for so much handmade loveliness, has several cute options for Christmas and winter. Or try making one yourself, using Amy's example at All In A Day.






    How about a little burlap on the front door? There are many different styles of  burlap wreaths, to suit any taste. Most use some type of embellishment.






    Allison, from A Glimpse Inside, wrapped the burlap around a form and added ribbon medallion flowers. Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous used strips of burlap, and Brooke created a ruffled look.

    Kathryn of NannyGoat wove a wire hanger through a long strip of burlap; you can't get much thriftier than that! She also attached her fabric rosettes with pins instead of glue, so that they easily can be switched out for different accent pieces in another season.

    Check out these adorable Christmas trees, made using burlap and other materials. Once again, the unique texture is what makes this fabric really stand out.

    Artsy Va Va added some metal stars to give her trees a more rustic look. The Shanty 2 Chic versions combine burlap and canvas fabrics for a clean, crisp wintry design - check out both tutorials, for the ruffled tree and the one covered with rosettes.


    In keeping with this trend, Merry Stockings is excited to present a new personalized burlap stocking. Choose red or green trim, the perfect look for your mantle this year.

    If this post has inspired you to try some burlap crafting, here are a few tips:

    • If you aren't able to find colored burlap, you can spray-paint it any color you want! (from Brooke at All Things Thrifty)
    • Burlap will dull your good fabric scissors, so use an old or inexpensive pair. (from Six Sisters' Stuff)

    Do you have any burlap decor items in your home? Anything you made yourself?


  • Baby's First Christmas

    Is there a new baby in your family this year? I was recently at the State Fair with a friend and she was looking for a personalized "My First Christmas" ornament for her new nephew. It's such a special time of year for the entire extended family to celebrate a new life.

    Merry Stockings offers special First Christmas Stockings for your baby boy or girl. Or order a personalized stocking that will match those of the rest of the family. My son loves that each of us has our own special stocking - maybe because so many other things are shared with little brother!

    Another special way to mark the milestone is with a Baby's First Christmas ornament. A friend and I discovered last year that we had the same "Baby's First Christmas - 1977" ball ornaments. For each of us, it had become a special heirloom, passed on from mom's collection to our own. Likewise, I treasure the ornaments that were given to my sons and will one day pass them down.

    I love the level of customization that Merry Stockings' ornaments offer. My 1977 ornament, while cute, has a generic baby illustration on it. Having a real photo of your child or grandchild, along with their name and the year, would be so much better! What fun to pull out the box of ornaments each year and remember how little they once were.

    What special things does your family do at Christmas to commemorate the birth of a new baby?

  • Needlepoint Stockings have arrived!

    MerryStockings is very excited about our new line of Needlepoint Christmas stockings. We recently had a few days in the photography studio and have our imagery ready for the website. The products will be live on the site this week. For those that would like a sneak peek at the new Needlepoint stockings, here ya go:

    Needllepoint, Christmas stockings

    Needlepoint Stockings - NEW for 2011

  • Caring for Your Christmas Stockings

    Christmas stockings are usually hung near the fireplace. This is one tradition that most of us hold dear. So what do you do if smoke odors stick to your stockings? suggests these easy ways:

    1. Make sure that you remove everything that may be removed from the stocking. Empty it of its contents to prepare it for washing.

    2. Using a solution composed of 1 part baking soda, 1 part ammonia and 2 parts vinegar dissolved in a tub full of water, wash your stocking. If you have a plain Christmas stocking, you can submerge the whole stocking in the mixture. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals. Rub the stockings to release the smoke odor.

    If your stockings have designs like a name or glitters, then submerge only up to the design. Do not place the designed area under the water or in the solution. Rub this area with the solution using your finger, but DO NOT submerge it.

    Repeat this process to get rid of the smoke smell.

    3. Rinse the stocking with warm water. Open your faucet to warm water and run the water over the stocking around three times. Be careful not to run the designs under the water. Squeeze out after rinsing.

    4. Using any clean surface, lay your stocking to dry. Make sure that your stocking is flat all over and check for areas that stick out. Push this back into place. It is safe to dry your stockings overnight.

    5. After drying, wrap your stockings using a lavender scented linen sheet and store it in your closet or a suitcase. This would protect it from moths, moisture and molds.

    Some tips:

    Avoid heating your stockings. Heat would cause your stockings to shrink.
    Do not wash your stockings in a washing machine. This is the best way to ruin your Christmas stockings.

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